Warm up before your round if you want to play your best!

One of the easiest ways to score better on the course is to start using a consistent warm-up and swing routine before every round and practice session. Everyone’s routine may vary, but it is key is to prevent injury, prepare your body for the physical demands of golf, and establish a consistent and repeatable swing.

Personally, my warm-up routine starts with active stretching, such as leg swings, various squats, body rotations, and arm swings, to loosen up and activate my muscles and joints. Then I move on to half swings, focusing on my takeaway and rotation, to get a feel for my swing.

Next, I progress to full wedges and irons and gradually work my way up to hitting the driver.  This helps me build confidence and consistency in my swing before heading out to the course.

After my driving range session, I head over to the short game area to practice chipping and putting. This important part of my warm-up routine allows me to get a feel for the greens and improve my distance control and feel around the green.

By following a pre-round routine, I’m able to start the round with a consistent swing, help prevent injury, and improve my performance on the course. Remember, your warm-up routine can vary, but it’s important to take the time, find a routine that works for you and prepare your body for your round.

Happy Golfing,


Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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