My New Clubs Have arrived!

Golf is a challenging sport requiring precision, skill, and mental capacity.  Many golfers don’t realize that there is only a matter of degrees between a good shot and a disastrous one.  This is why it is so important to be properly fit for your set of clubs.  Golf is challenging enough without our gear making it more difficult.  In this post I will cover some of the benefits of having a proper fitting done when purchasing your new gear.

Every golfer has unique physical traits and swing mechanics. For instance, a taller golfer may need longer clubs than a shorter golfer, and a golfer with a faster swing speed may need stiffer shafts than a slower swing speed golfer.

When being properly fitted for a set of golf clubs, each club is tailored to your unique physical traits and swing mechanics. As a result, you’ll be able to swing the clubs more consistently and naturally because they’ll feel better in your hands. Additionally, you’ll be able to hit the ball farther and with better ball flight, which will help you hit more greens in regulation and lower your overall score.

When getting fitted for a set of golf clubs, the shaft is among the most crucial considerations. Your shots’ ball flight and distance may differ significantly depending on how stiff the shaft is. A golfer with a faster swing speed, for instance, will typically benefit from a stiffer shaft, whereas an individual with a slower swing speed may benefit from a more flexible shaft. The lie angle, which is the angle formed by the shaft and the sole of the club, can affect the ball’s trajectory. For a right-handed golfer, a club that has a lie angle that is too flat will tend hit the ball to the right, whereas a club that is too upright will tend to go left

It’s also important to take the clubhead design into account. The ball’s trajectory off the clubface and the amount of spin it generates can be affected by different clubhead designs. For instance, an iron with a bigger clubhead and wider sole may be more forgiving on off-center hits, while a smaller clubhead with less offset and a narrower sole may give more seasoned golfers better control and look more visually appealing resulting in more confidence when hitting the ball.

My advice it to book a fitting and start building a set of clubs that works best for you.  There are many places to have a professional fitting done, including at most local golf clubs.  The game is much easier to play if you are using the right equipment. If new clubs are not in the budget it is still worth getting a fitting so you know what to look for on the used market.

Remember have fun out there and enjoy the Journey.


Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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