Strength and Balance

Golf is a game that requires both physical and mental capacity. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but as we get older, our bodies change, which can affect how well we play the sport and our enjoyment of the game. The loss of muscle mass and mobility is one of the most detrimental changes that can take place if not managed. This can affect a golfer’s balance, swing, and distance that they hit the ball.

Strength training is essential in preserving muscle mass and mobility as we age, particularly as it relates to the golf swing. Here are a few examples:

1. Muscle mass declines as we age if we don’t keep up exercise and strength training. Because the golf swing is a full-body motion that requires both strength and balance, this may affect a golfer’s ability to swing confidently. If A golfer can maintain their muscle mass by performing strength training exercises, this should help maintain or even increase their ability to swing the club consistently.

2. As we age, our bodies get stiffer and may develop less range of motion. This may affect a golfer’s capacity to make a swing comfortably. A golfer can increase their range of motion and make a more fluid swing by performing mobility exercises like hip stretches, shoulder rotations, and spinal twists.

3. Golfers of all ages can benefit from hitting the ball farther. However, as we get older, our capacity to produce power can decline. By engaging in fitness training, specifically exercises that target the core, glutes, and legs, a golfer can increase their power and hit the ball further.

4. The golf swing calls for stability and balance. Our capacity to maintain our balance can deteriorate with age. This may hinder a golfer’s ability to make a good swing and raise their risk of getting hurt. A golfer can increase their balance and stability on the course by performing balance exercises like single-leg deadlifts, planks, and yoga.

I know personally I have some motivation issues when it comes to getting to the gym.  To solve this, I have hired Jamie McCartney from Titan Performance to help me with my strength and balance training, as well as incorporating other sports and activities into my off season, such as Curling and Hockey.

Jamie has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and increasing my physical strength and mobility which is going to help me hit the ball further and more consistently with less perceived effort.

If you are looking for help or guidance with your fitness plan I would recommend giving Jamie a call.  

Fitness training is crucial in preserving muscle mass and mobility as we age, particularly regarding the golf swing. A golfer can improve their swing, increase their distance, and lower their risk of injury by engaging in strength training, mobility drills, and balance drills. It is never too late to start a fitness regimen, and I urge all golfers to make fitness a priority to improve their game, regardless of age. 


Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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