Its Cold Outside

I’ve spent countless hours on the golf course as a CPGA professional, both as a player and an instructor. The golfing season is short in the north, however, you are not required to stop playing golf just because it gets cold. During the off-season, there are many ways to stay active and improve your game.

Maintaining an active lifestyle during the off-season is one of the most crucial things you can do. Maintaining your strength and endurance through exercise will help you improve your golf game, whether you’re skiing, ice skating, or simply going to the gym. Playing a variety of sports all year long, can also aid in developing your physical literacy, which is the capacity to move confidently and competently while engaging in a range of different physical activities.

Power and balance are essential for a powerful and reliable golf swing. While there are many sports and activities that can aid in this, working with a trainer can be particularly beneficial in achieving specific fitness goals. To achieve a more powerful and balanced golf swing, a trainer will help you pinpoint the areas where your strength, flexibility, and balance can be improved. They can create a tailored workout schedule for you that concentrates on exercises that will target those areas, assisting you in gaining the strength and stability required to carry out a powerful and controlled golf swing.

There are other ways to maintain your golf game during the off-season in addition to exercise and working with a trainer. Golfers can work on their swings and play virtual rounds of golf without ever leaving the comfort of the indoors thanks to the invention of indoor simulator play. Indoor simulators are now available at many golf courses, including the Smithers Golf and Country Club, making it possible to maintain your game no matter the weather.

During the winter, indoor lessons are a fantastic way to hone your skills and improve your game. Numerous golf instructors, including myself, provide indoor lessons using video analysis and other tools to help you identify areas where your swing can be improved.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from improving your game, now that the off-season is in full swing. You can keep your golf game sharp and advance your physical literacy by staying active with other sports, working with a trainer, and taking advantage of indoor simulator play and lessons.

I hope I have made you aware of how crucial the off-season is to your game. Take advantage of these opportunities to get better and keep swinging!

Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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