New Clubs, New Season, New best Trackman Combine score

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I have started working back at my Summer position at the Okanagan Golf Club. It’s still a couple of weeks until the course opens but there is plenty to do in the pro shop.

I’m super stoked with my last TrackMan combine score (84.8), it is validating the swing work that I have been working on throughout the winter at Simplex Sportszone. I need to work on the 60 yard range as that’s the challenge for me as you can see below. The report you get from Trackman is really cool, you can dig right into all of the shots you hit. If your into stats, it gives you all you could ever want.

My Best Combine Score so far!

Last week I had a club fitting by Ward Pateman for my new Taylormade clubs. What a great process and the clubs have already arrived. I cant wait to get outside and play some golf. In the mean time I will be playing inside at Simplex and sorting out my new club distances.

The new Taylormade Clubs

Unfortunately I have to admit that I have not been sticking to my exercise plans and the fitness gains have stalled, this is going to be more of a challenge for me than I thought it would be. Luckily the season will be starting soon and I plan on walking the vast majority of rounds this year. This should take care of the basic fitness, then all I have to do is get my butt to the gym.

As for the next couple of weeks, I’m working on my tournament schedule for the year and waiting for the last little bit of snow to melt so I can get outside and start playing.


Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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