Fitness after 40 Is hard

You know you are old when you have stories about when you were young and you could do all sorts of amazing feats, or how much different things were “back in the day“.

I remember a day when I would go out for a 90km bike ride, then a 10km run and still have enough energy to go play some beer league slow-pitch with some friends (I was training for an Ironman). Now only 10 years later its hard to even force myself to get up half an hour early to fit in a short workout at home before I go to work (if I am being totally honest I haven’t had much success doing even this). This is why I have asked James Wendland of The Athletes Den to help me create a plan and some accountability for myself. I always find it easier to stick to a work out plan if you have some one else to be accountable to, at least this is how I did it before.

The Fitness Plan

The plan for the next few weeks is simple as I have let my fitness deteriorate to the point that my scale says I am 50 years old.

Start eating reasonable amounts of healthy food again, and start being generally more active. It is winter, so outside activities are limited, but living in the Okanagan there are still options.

The other half to the plan is to get back into a short work out routine to help build core stability allowing more golf specific training without injuring myself. This is what it will look like.

I Have a yoga mat at home, a flat bench and a kettle bell. This is what I will be doing. Prescribed by James; power moves using a landmine (mild/moderate load, maximal velocity):

  • lateral box drops warm up x 10
  • One-hand clean x 6 both sides
  • lateral box drops full x 6
  • One-hand clean to jerk both sides
  • lateral box drops full x 6
  • One-hand snatch x 6 both sides
  • lateral box drops full x 6

The plan is to complete this workout 3 times per week for the next couple of weeks. I have completed this once so far and was sore for 3 days. The easy short workouts are even a challenge right now. Updates on how the first few weeks went to come.


Published by Steven Coulthard

CPGA Golf Instructor/Coach in Smithers British Columbia

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